Puller Interactive Training Toy 7" Small Size


The Puller Interactive Toy and Training Tool is quickly becoming a global sensation! It is designed to be use as a set of two rings to help burn off excess energy, even if you don't have a large area to exercise your dog. A well exercised dog is healthier and less likely to have behavioral issues. But it's also a safe and fun fetch toy. Its unique material allows for your dog’s teeth to sink, so it won't hurt teeth and gums, yet it maintains its long lasting durability. It also floats on top of the water, so it’s also a fun water toy. Please note the last picture in the gallery. It is my dog’s Puller. As you can see, after 3 months it has gotten a lot of use, yet it is still intact we play fetch and tug nearly every day....she loves it!  I have carried and used this product for several years. It is made in Ukraine and is a very good quality. The Puller is an interactive toy for you and your dog, or a great tug toy for two dogs. Again, it is for interactive play and is not designed to be a constant chew toy.

This item is a 2-Pack of the smaller 7" Rings.  Some of the graphics show the larger 11" rings which I do not carry at this time.  There are several YouTube videos that show how people all over the globe used the Puller with their dog. I think this one of the best dog products to come out in years and I know you and your best friend will enjoy it.