Planet Dog Diamond Plate Orbee Dog Ball 3"


This is the ultimate dog ball and your dog deserves the ultimate ball, right? We Love Our Repeat Customers...but with this ball you won't need to reorder for awhile, so be sure to tell your dog ball loving friends where you got it!   Planet Dog was  Lucy's House Pet Products first brand because it was the first toy the Lucy loved that she couldn't wreck. The patented material is softer than pure rubber, but it won't crack like rubber will. It has the perfect combination of flex and durability. But that's not all! It bounces great, floats in water and (get this) Its Minty! This Diamond Plate Orbee ball is 3.25" and comes in your choice of several great colors. Its a good size for most breeds and is truly the most durable dog ball made.  I also carry the new XL 4" size in my store.

Planet Dog products are Made in the USA. Like Lucy's House, they also do a lot of great things for various dog causes. If your dog loves balls, then your dog will really love all the great Planet Dog toys.