GoughNuts NEW Water Stick Floating Fetch Dog Toy


The GoughNuts Water Stick is Goughnuts newest design for interactive WATER PLAY. The GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. The GoughNuts Water Stick line of product is NOT FOR POWER CHEWING. Please stick to water play and rely on our GoughNuts rings or Pro 50 Goughnuts for power chewers. The Goughnuts Water Stick floats on top of the water! This is a great leap in GoughNuts Engineering. Please note that our normal RED safety indicator is in fact HOLLOW for the WATER STICKS. While the Water Stick is not consider a power chewing toy it is GUARANTEED like all of our Goughnut products. If the products is damaged to the point of a puncture, GoughNuts will replace, for life!  The Water Stick is about 9" long and weighs 12oz.  Comes in four fun colors!

These are great US Made Products that are made with safety and extreme durability in mind.  Since they are replaced for life, be sure to check out my other products and tell all your dog friends where you got your GoughNut!