GoughNuts .75 Ring Lifetime Replacement!


The GoughNuts Rubber Ring is great item for those heavy chewers.  This .75 GoughNut is designed for the small to medium size dog, under 45lbs.  The GoughNut .75 is 3.75 inches in diameter and weighs less than one half of a pound.  I also carry the larger Original GoughNut for the larger breeds.  These are all a great weight for a game of fetch and they even float!

All GoughNut products including the GoughNut .75 are manufactured with our patent pending Chew Toy Safety Indicator.  It is a red ring that runs through the center of all the products.  If your dog ever gets through to where you can see the red ring, its time to replace.  The best part is, GoughNuts offers a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE on all its products.

These are great US Made Products that are made with safety and extreme durability in mind.  Since they are replaced for life, be sure to check out my other products and tell all your dog friends where you got your GoughNut!