Triceratops Jr Dinosaur Toy by Tuffy


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He may be a Junior, but he is still a big boy, 16" x 7" x 3"!  Along the shadows of the mountains walks a legend in armor plate protection. The tri-horned dinosaur, better known as Triceratops, forages on berries, grass and household shrubbery. Allow your pup to set up a protective barrier and spare your plants from this menacing plant eater. For dogs who like to play and have a fun companion.

Multiple Layers Sewn Multiple Times! Tuffy's Pet Toys are the most durable toys available. Each toy is stuffed with safe, non-toxic fiber and we added a protective pouch around each squeaker as an added safety measure in the unlikely event your dog gets to the core. Our toys have been tested on numerous dogs (including our own) to ensure the highest quality and most fun for our best (four legged) friends and the best value for our two legged customers. These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.